The DMK Enzyme masque will be applied & over the course of the treatment and will harden to the skin from the chest up to the forehead. Throughout the treatment a small pulsing sensation will occur & this is due to the enzymes working in your skin to circulate blood & oxygenate through the skin's cells. 

What to expect:

DMK Enzyme Therapy is safe for all Fitzpatricks & skin concerns. It is best suited for clients to receive in between more invasive procedures to encourage healthy skin at a cellular level. This is not suited for anyone struggling with anxiety or who may be claustrophobic.

Who is a good candidate?

DMK Enzyme Therapy is unlike any other treatment in the skincare industry. It is a corrective dermal revision process that rebuilds & restores the skin to optimal health at a cellular level by utilizing messenger enzymes that encourage blood circulation, oxygenation, & lymphatic drainage.

DMK Enzyme Therapy

unlike any other treatment in the skincare industry.

DMK Enzyme Therapy

Chloé loves the DMK Enzyme Therapy for optimizing skin health in between invasive treatments.



DMK Muscle Banding is a technique used to lift, tone, and tighten the skin. It works by causing the muscles to contract, reinvigorating circulation, increasing amino acids, and restoring optimal function. *Please note that this service is only performed by Chloé Dickerson LME, who is a certified DMK Skin Revision Therapist. 

DMK Muscle Banding

3-6 sessions



Time in Clinic: 



3-6 sessions


90 mins

Time in Clinic: 



DMK Enzyme Therapy uses reverse osmosis therapy to oxygenate, strengthen, & nourish the skin. This process revises the cells by utilizing transfer messenger enzymes to detox impurities and promote lymphatic drainage to clear any toxins at a cellular level. This provides effective dermal revision to enable young & healthy functioning skin. 

DMK Enzyme Therapy 

Enzyme Treatment Options:

$75.00  |  30 MINS

Struggling with stubborn back acne? This is a great add on to any treatment to reduce inflammation and pesky acne on the back area. 

back peel

$35.00  |  15 mins

Provides intensive hydrating benefits to the skin while reducing inflammation and soothing the skin post treatment.


$35.00  |  20 mins

Do you have a lot of blackheads and whiteheads? Add extractions to your service to receive the best results with your skin.

Added Extractions

$65.00  |  15 mins

We use light emitting therapy to heal the skin and treat skin conditions such as acne, bacteria, dull skin, aging & more.

LED Light Therapy

$55.00  |  10 mins

We will use a gentle blade to slough off dead skin cells and pesky peach fuzz for glowy and baby soft skin. 


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